Our concept in a few words ...

The idea of promoting a wine région through its Savoir Faires (Know how ), is thecreator’sprofessional summary of 25 years working inmarketing for wine and tourism in France and abroad.

Rachelle, born and bread in Champagne, epicurean, likes the good,the beautiful and the simplicity. She has designed a simple and elegant box whose vocation is to promote a destination through its flagship products, and also « gems » that she discovers during her travels or the persons she meets ; because it is indeed that , wine tourism, a meeting between products and men, sharing and emotion ... and to stick to her philosophy of life, she wanted the Box to be reusable and eco friendly..

"In an old bottle there is good wine. But there is also something from the past, and who sleeps there. When you uncork the bottle, a ray of sunshine rises, and it's not without a little emotion."

- Léon Abric - 

An eco-friendly and reusable box

Concerned about the environment, and in accordance with his philosophy, Rachelle wanted the boxin cardboard and re usable. Once emptied of its content, it turns into a small designer shelf.

In 2018, Rachelle received the Grand Est Tourism Innovation award for this concept.

Wine'T Box consists of 12 cases filled with products carefully chosen by Rachelle and its partners. One case receives a bottle…

If the primary vocationof Wine’t Box is to promote wine destinations, the box can be declined according to the desires and centers of interest of each. Adaptable to all destinations and to all calendar events, the Wine'T Box is available and customizable.